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From Sam Joseph <gai...@yha.att.ne.jp>
Subject Re: Problem with ServletInit and testSetAttribute in tests_tomcat_40
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 04:43:06 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Sam Joseph [mailto:gaijin@yha.att.ne.jp]
>>Sent: 20 April 2002 14:16
>>To: Vincent Massol; cactus
>>Subject: Re: Problem with ServletInit and testSetAttribute in
>>Vincent Massol wrote:
>>>I think you should better read both :
>>>- E:\Dev\jakarta-cactus\documentation\dist\doc\getting_started.html,
>>>which explains how Cactus tests are packaged
>>>- E:\Dev\jakarta-cactus\documentation\dist\doc\howto_config.html
>>>explains how to configure your application web.xml.
>>>Then, come back here and ask your question if something was not clear
>>>from the documentation.
>>Well I've reread the documentation for the 3rd time but still feel no
>Oops. :-(. Actually that's quite interesting as you could help us make
>it more clear ... :-)
I'd love to help you.

>>In the first instance I am confused why I should need to edit the
>>web.xml files in a sample that comes prepackaged with cactus. 
>Answer is no you don't need to edit anything. Can you tell me where does
>it say you need to do this ? 
It doesn't.  I assumed that I needed to because in response to my query 
about running the sample application you told me to re-read the files 
that told me how to edit my web.xml.  Since you were answering my 
question about how to solve an error occuring from the sample 
application, I assumed that when you told me to read a document that 
would describe how to edit my web.xml file, that I needed to edit my 
web.xml file.

>If you want to run the samples then simply
>read the Samples Howto on the web site
Yes, I've also read this several times.  I have only ever been trying to 
run the sample

>>I mean
>>surely the sample is a fixed thing, why do I need to reconfigure the
>>web.xml regarding information that is intrinsic to the existing
the sample application that you gusy provide for testing cactus.

>>Why can't it just be configured already?
>it is.
Jolly good.  Then I am confused as to why you recommended me to read a 
document about reconfiguring my web.xml in order to fix an error arising 
from me trying to run your sample application.

>You're mixing 2 things : 
>- the preconfigured sample for which you don't need to touch anything
>apart from editing its build.properties file
>- the way to configure cactus for your own webapp.
okay, so I don't have my own webapp at the moment, as I hope is becoming 

>In any case, there is only one web.xml that is important, it is the one
>you're using to run your application. The sample application is a full
>fledged application and it is why there are 2 web.xml : one that is the
>one without the tests, when you want to deliver your application and one
>for testing (i.e. the one that includes Cactus mappings).
>Feel free to send some documentation patches to improve the Web site
>documentation for places when you think it is not clear.
I will hope to do so, once I understand why the sample application is 
not working.

>I don't see anything related to Cactus in this startup error. Maybe you
>should post to the Tomcat mailing list because I think you've got
>something wrong in your Tomcat web.xml. The easiest way to solve it is
>to re-download Tomcat and unzip it (that's all it needs).
no this error is not related to cactus.  I added it as an example of the 
errors I was getting when I tried to edit the sample application web.xml 
file, which from your first email is what I thought you wanted me to do.

I think I would like to clear at least one thing up, which is this.

Do I need to place the sample application in my tomcat webapps 
directory, or am I supposed to place it my cactus root directory, or 
somewhere completely separate.  This would appear to be unclear from the 
sample howto document:


Thanks in advance.


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