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From Sam Joseph <gai...@yha.att.ne.jp>
Subject Re: Problem with ServletInit and testSetAttribute in tests_tomcat_40
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2002 13:30:21 GMT
Sam Joseph wrote:

> Vincent Massol wrote:
>> Sam,
>> I think you should better read both :
>> - E:\Dev\jakarta-cactus\documentation\dist\doc\getting_started.html,
>> which explains how Cactus tests are packaged
>> and
>> - E:\Dev\jakarta-cactus\documentation\dist\doc\howto_config.html which
>> explains how to configure your application web.xml.
>> :-)
>> Then, come back here and ask your question if something was not clear
>> from the documentation.
> Well I've reread the documentation for the 3rd time but still feel no 
> wiser. 

After re-reading the documentation again it seems clear that there are 2 
JVMs at work here, and that I need to be careful to distinguish 
classpaths for each of them, however my fundamental problem is that 
while the documentation tells me to make sure that jars and paths are in 
the client side classpath or server side classpath, it is not clear how 
I set one or the other.

I mean I know how to set a classpath, but last time I looked I has one 
classpath in my programming environment,i.e.

export CLASSPATH="%CLASSPATH:/blah/blah/blah"

will set my one and only classpath.  How can I set the clients and 
server classpaths differently?


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