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From laurent.duper...@masq.ca
Subject Re: org.apache.cactus.util.ChainedRuntimeException: Not a valid response
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 14:52:16 GMT
On 29 Apr, ken adjei wrote:
> Can anyone give me a clue to what is happening here with this exception
> reponse for one of test classes in cactus ?
> org.apache.cactus.util.ChainedRuntimeException: Not a valid response

In my case, this happened when the server wasn't being accessed witht he
correct URL. I also see occur periodically for no apparent reason. In that
case, I restart the ant build and the problem usually goes away.


Laurent Duperval <mailto:laurent.duperval@masq.ca>

    1) After months of training and you finally understand all of a program's
    commands, a revised version of the program arrives with an all-new
    command structure.
    2) After designing a useful routine that gets around a familiar "bug" in
    the system, the system is revised, the "bug" taken away, and you're
    left with a useless routine.
    3) Efforts in improving a program's "user friendliness" invariable lead
    to work in improving user's "computer literacy".
    4) That's not a "bug", that's a feature!

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