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From suresh.re...@orbitech.co.in
Subject setURL - Very Very Urgent ....
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 06:35:38 GMT

This is suresh and I am using Tomcat3.3 server. I've updated the
cactus.properties file and set the test.port = 8180.
In the sample folder which contains a sample source code to be
tested(This folder is supplied by default in the Cactus)
I am running only SampleServlet and TestSampleServlet Classes.

In TestSampleServletClass , to work with cookies, a method,
beginReceiveCookie(), setUrl() method is used.

theRequest.setURL("localhost:80","/test",null, null, null);  is the line
of code written by me and it is giving the error,

Error parsing cookies. 

can you please send me the solution as to what I need to put as
parameters in setURL() method.

For your convenience, I'm attaching the required files.

This is Very Very Urgent



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