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From Franck Rasolo <fras...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Testing EJB implementing EJBLocalObject interface with Cactus
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:29:04 GMT
Well, my take is that the spec authors simply weren't clear enough when
defining local clients. From what we've got so far, it sounds like any two
components in the same VM are local to each other. To me, this is a bit odd,
since we've also got the concept of enterprise archives, which is a rather
crisp aggregation of application components. In an EAR, it makes sense that
all components (web/ejb) are local to each other. The very fact that we're
still unclear about this particular issue indicates that we're likely to come
across different interpretations/implementations from application server
vendors too.

To stretch this a bit further, even if the above worked for two components
in a same EAR, I would be surprised if two components from two different
EAR's deployed in the same VM were able to "see" one another across application
servers. This lack of clarity can only end in tears as far as portability is


Franck Rasolo
Independent Consultant
London, UK

--- Nicholas Lesiecki <nick@eblox.com> wrote:
> Thanks Franck!
> I found that paragraph, but to quote from earlier in the thread:
> <<<
> To be exact, it's possible to access locals while war and ejb-jar
> are both in the same *ear*.
> Regards,
> Slava Imeshev
> --- "Robertson, Jason" <Jason.Robertson@acs-inc.com> wrote:
> > You can access the local interfaces from within a servlet as long as (I
> > think) the servlet container and the EJB container are running in the same
> > JVM. If it has to jump JVM boundaries then a remote interface is needed.
> >>>
> These don't imply that clients are limited to EJBS only. However, the spec
> says:
> <<<
> A local client of a session bean or an entity bean may be another enterprise
> bean (a session bean, entity bean, or message-driven bean).
> >>>
> What I'm wondering is: can you have spec compliant local clients who reside
> in the same JVM but are not enterprise beans? (I have heard conflicting
> reports.)
> Cheers,
> Nicholas Lesiecki
> Principal Software Engineer
> eBlox, Inc.
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