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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject New subproject : Anttasks
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:50:48 GMT
I'm posting to the user list although most of the following is geared
towards Cactus developers. However, for end users it means that there
will be some change in the distributables that you can download from the
Cactus web site (only for the nightly builds for the time being).


I have committed a new Cactus subproject : anttasks. It contains the
existing Cactus custom Ant tasks. They have been extracted from the main
Cactus project and put into their own subproject (i.e. they have their
own build, etc).

Why ? Because :

* They are generic and some of them can be used independently of Cactus
* The idea is to have different subprojects : anttasks, framework (the
core Cactus), sample subprojects (one sample for servlet and one for
j2ee). For the moment, only the anttasks subproject has been created.
* For the moment the anttasks subproject only contains ant tasks.
However, I envision that in the future it will be part of a more global
group of contributions which are built on top of Cactus, with the goal
to simplify the use of Cactus. They could be : IDE plugins, cactus test
case code generators, etc. When this happens we'll probably move all
these subprojects into a "contrib" directory.
* The Cactus ant tasks will be available as a separate download on the
web site.
* There was the need for more flexibility for the Cactus sample and the
current development directory structure was becoming very complex and
the build files difficult to read. This new scheme should allow for more

TODO for anttasks :
* Move the Ant scripts for starting the different containers from the
core framework to the anttasks subproject.
* Add javadoc + HTML documentation for anttasks.

I Hope you like it !


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