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From Phillips Nathan <nphill...@pointserve.com>
Subject Another InputStream does not contain a serialized object
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:46:15 GMT
This is on the jakarta-cactus-23-1.3dev distribution from last night.  I got
everything to work correctly under cactus 1.2 but I need the security stuff
from 1.3 to use cactus in my project.  I've read the FAQ and yet nothing I
do seems to fix this problem.  By the way, I'm using Tomcat4.0.1.  My
cactus.properties are:

cactus.contextURL = http://localhost:8080/test
cactus.servletRedirectorName = ServletRedirector

I'm guessing cactus is placing the "/" after my contextURL and after my
servletRedirectorName so that http://localhost:8080/test/ ServletRedirector/
is being used in cactus 1.3.  As typing this in gives me the HTTP 500 error
message correctly.

I have cactus.jar placed in the lib directory of my web application for the
server.  This of course works with cactus 1.2 and Tomcat4.0.1 correctly.

I'm using the servlet2.3 jar with my 2.3 version of cactus 1.3.

I'm using Ant to execute the Junit task and my ant script is using the exact
same jars that my testing web app is.

I'm completely at my wits end.  By the way, I've completely tuned off
security on my web app.  I've researched the mailing list archive.  I'd
appreciate any other suggestions.

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