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From "Nicholas Lesiecki" <n...@eblox.com>
Subject FAQ Entry for StreamCorruptedException
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 15:50:44 GMT
Hello all, due to some problems with my Apache CVS account, I could not post
this to the website. While we wait, I thought I'd give it to the list to
review. If you ahve encounterted any other causes for the StreamCorrupted
Exception than the one I list, please email the list and I will try to
incorporate them.



---FAQ Entry---

This exception results when client-side Cactus code
attempts to talk to a misconfigured installation of Cactus
on the server side. The reason for the obscure exception is
this: Cactus makes two requests to the server. In the
first, the client-side test runner requests that
such-and-such a test be run on the server (an
oversimplification, please see: XXXX). Immediately after
the response from the server the client code makes a second
request, this time for the results of the server-side test.
Cactus is supposed to send back a serialized Object
containing the results. Cactus then attempts to deserialize
this Object from the input stream in the response. If
Cactus is installed properly on the server, this process
works transparently. If not (for instance the second
request does not even arrive at a Cactus redirector) then
the response to the second request (which very well may be
a 404 or 500 error) will not contain the object that
client-cactus expects. This leads to the

When troubleshooting this error, the most likely prospect
is that the requests from client-Cactus are not even
reaching server-Cactus. This can happen when the
cactus.properties contains a bad entry. For instance, I
have run into this problem when building several different
testing-applications. I tried to run my tests against
http://localhost/webapp1/ServletRedirector/ when I needed
to be running against
http://localhost/webapp2/ServletRedirector/. This can also
happen if your web.xml file contains an error, or does not
properly map the URLs contained in cactus.properties to the
Cactus redirectors.

A good way to check whether your requests are reaching a
Cactus redirector is to manually enter in the URLs for all
of the redirectors you use into the navigation bar of your
web-browser. If the URL yields a 500 error and you get a
stack trace (in the log or along with your error page that)
says Missing service name parameter [] in HTTP request.
then that particular URL is probably pointing to a valid
server-side Cactus install.

Another likely error is that your server-side classpath
does not contain a copy of the cactus.jar. (Cactus is
effectively not present on the server.) According to
e-mails on the Cactus user list, the
StreamCorruptedException could also result when you are
using the wrong version of the servlet.jar in some area
(any version prior to 2.2, or using servlet.jar 2.2 with a
Cactus-2.3 installation).

Cactus 1.3 should trap or avoid this exception and provide
a clearer message about the likely causes.

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-----Original Message-----
From: Vincent Massol [mailto:vmassol@octo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 5:47 AM
To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org; cactus-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Cc: pier@betaversion.org
Subject: Lost emails ...


I have just received an email today (5 nov)  from the cactus-user mailing
list saying that there were 13 messages that could not be sent to me. I have
looked at a few of them (by sending an email to
cactus-user-get.xxx@jakarta.apache.org where xxx is the message number) and
it seems they are all dated around the 24/25 of october. The bouncing
message was that the jakarta mailer could not open an SMTP connection to
myself. It seems to me this problem happened when the jakarta mailer had
lots of problems (you may remember the message sent by Pier Fumagalli) and
before it was moved to another server.

This explains why some of you mentionned that no one seemed to be answering
mails posted on the list (indeed, they were not received ...:( ). What must
have happened is that my inbox got flooded with emails (because the jakarta
mailer has been down - or running slowly - for 4-5 days, which accounts to
thousands of emails for all my mailing list to which I was subscribed. This
probably also meant that my inbox must have reached its quota at that time,
leading to these bounced emails).

So again, sorry about that.


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