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From "Erik Hatcher" <jakarta-str...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject Re: Cactus : Struts
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 03:25:51 GMT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Deryl Seale" <deryl@acm.org>
>> and you can assert that the desired ActionForward (currently
>> only by name, not path)
> If you check by a pathname, wouldn't this break if you changed
> the forward declarations in struts-config.xml?  I went back and
> forth on this, and chose to stick with the symbolic names (so
> I could change struts-config.xml and not break my code :-).

But folks generate new ActionForward's (in order to forward to another path
or append some query string parameters to an existing one and return them
from Action.perform.  I just figured there would be a need to assert on a
path also, but typically you'd assert by name.  And when asserting by path
it might have to have some smarts on asserting a parameter or just the path
without parameters, or some such logic.

> Makes sense.  We have the case where our servlets (and Struts
> components) rely on beans in another application server altogether,
> so those Action components already know how to look up the beans.

> I was thinking, we could perhaps define an interface StrutsTestCase,
> and then we could implement a mock approach (mine) and an in-
> container approach (yours) and create a unified testing package.
> Thus, you could choose which approach you wanted to use without
> affecting the actual test cases.  I would be more than happy to
> contribute to such an effort.

Seems reasonable to me.  I'll do what I can on my end to morph my class into
this scheme.  Since my vested interested is primarily in the Cactus side of
things at the moment, feel free to take the initiative and let me know what
you think needs to be done more specifically.  We can communicate offline
about the gory details and then report back to the list when we get it
synched up.

> (and thanks for the complement :-)

You earned it!


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