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From Nicholas Lesiecki <ndlesie...@yahoo.com>
Subject Unit tests for server side code?
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 15:15:08 GMT
Hi guys,
I notice we don't have any unit tests for server-side cactus code, or at
least, that's what's implied by the following comment:

" Run all the unit tests of Cactus that do not need a servlet environment to
run. These other tests will be exercised in the sample application."

(From TestAll.java--plus I didn't find any.)

This strikes me as less than desirable, since it makes it hard to test-drive
my addition of unique keys. After all, the behavior should be transparent
from an "integration test" standpoint.

So, I toyed with the idea of starting to add at least one test (to the class
I was modifying). That prompted me to ask the question: which mock framework
should we use to support our "server-side" unit tests? I'm in favor of
easymock, since I know it well. However, I feel that the rest of the team
may have more thoroughly researched opinions than mine on the subject.


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