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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Patch for JBoss starting too slow
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 13:08:13 GMT
Hi Florin,

Florin Vancea wrote:
> The issue with JBoss starting too slow is still unsolved and I thought I'd
> try something about that.
> I am attaching a patch and the reasoning follows below.
> When starting the container, ContainerRunner polls on a URL with the
> isAvailable(URL) function. This function returns TRUE when it succeeds to
> read from that URL, but it does not care if the reply was something like a
> 500 error.
> Maybe that is OK for most containers, but when I'm trying on JBoss+Tomcat,
> the startup sequence is: start embedded Tomcat first, then load and
> configure the Cactified WAR (after some considerable delay).
> The consequence is that the test URL seems to be available, but in fact is
> merely returning the ERROR 500 page, since the Cactified context is still
> loading.
> Therefore, the sequence of tests is starting too soon and the first test
> fails with another ERROR 500. In the meanwhile the context "wakes up" and
> the following tests are OK. I have to mention that it's not test's fault.
> The tests are running OK with an alerady-started, already-deployed setup.
> I suggest that ContainerRunner.isAvailable(URL) should test also the result
> code and I suspect it was meant to, but never got there.

I agree, and actually I thought it was doing that already ;-)

So this also makes it unnecessary to expose the wait times, as discussed before?

> I also attach a patch (not necessarily the best approach :) ).

The patch looks good, and I'll commit it. Thanks!

> Thanks,
> Florin
> P.S. Seems that the JMX bean that I posted earlier (last week) was not
> considered a good approach by anyone. Some feedback would have been nice,
> though. I hope this one _will_ get some kind of answer (any, including "quit
> bugging us").

I've read your message and had a quick glimpse at the javadocs, but haven't 
had the time to look in more detail, which would be necessary to give any 
kind of half-intelligent feedback :-P

Don't give up yet!


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