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From "Florin Vancea" <fvan...@maxiq.ro>
Subject Patch for JBoss starting too slow
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 12:40:49 GMT
The issue with JBoss starting too slow is still unsolved and I thought I'd
try something about that.

I am attaching a patch and the reasoning follows below.

When starting the container, ContainerRunner polls on a URL with the
isAvailable(URL) function. This function returns TRUE when it succeeds to
read from that URL, but it does not care if the reply was something like a
500 error.

Maybe that is OK for most containers, but when I'm trying on JBoss+Tomcat,
the startup sequence is: start embedded Tomcat first, then load and
configure the Cactified WAR (after some considerable delay).
The consequence is that the test URL seems to be available, but in fact is
merely returning the ERROR 500 page, since the Cactified context is still
Therefore, the sequence of tests is starting too soon and the first test
fails with another ERROR 500. In the meanwhile the context "wakes up" and
the following tests are OK. I have to mention that it's not test's fault.
The tests are running OK with an alerady-started, already-deployed setup.

I suggest that ContainerRunner.isAvailable(URL) should test also the result
code and I suspect it was meant to, but never got there.

I also attach a patch (not necessarily the best approach :) ).


P.S. Seems that the JMX bean that I posted earlier (last week) was not
considered a good approach by anyone. Some feedback would have been nice,
though. I hope this one _will_ get some kind of answer (any, including "quit
bugging us").

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