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From Kev Jackson <foamd...@gmail.com>
Subject distribution question
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 05:05:40 GMT

When bsf is shipped, will there be a default scripting language  
shipped with it?  The reason I ask is that to refactor the bsf  
build.xml file I'd like to use a scriptdef and javascript, I can get  
this working now, but obviously this is of no use if bsf itself  
requires an extra scripting library to be built!

To refactor the bsf build.xml to DRY, I can use a <scriptdef> instead  
of the horrible <antcall> structure currently available.  As bsf is a  
script friendly tool, it makes some sense to use <scriptdef> in the  
building of bsf.  So I guess that for building/testing bsf, a  
scripting language lib is required (like js.jar for example), this  
would make bsf dependent on a 3rd party product for building itself.

Now, I can build bsf with the newly refactored build.xml using  
javascript, so long as I make javascript available to ants  
classpath.  Is this ok or not - please give feedback.

"I call it the State where everyone, good or bad, is a poison- 
drinker: the State where universal slow suicide is called - life" -  
Friedrich Nietzsche

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