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From "Rony G. Flatscher" <Rony.Flatsc...@wu-wien.ac.at>
Subject Event handling related diffs ...
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 20:48:12 GMT
Hi there,

enclosed you'll find a diff ("svn diff" was run off the "org.apache.bsf" 
directory), which contains the following changes:

   1. fixed dynamic event handler generating code (e.g. allows creating
      event handlers for swt),
   2. added an event processor that supplies the arguments sent to the
      event listener, most notably the event object, cf.
      <util/EngineUtils.addEventListenerReturningEventInfos(...)> and
      lookup <util/BSFEventProcessorReturningEventInfos.java>, which
      processes the events and invokes apply() supplying the received
      arguments plus the name of the event that had occurred.

Please ignore the references to OpenOffice.org, it should not go into 
the distribution, as this is a fix for an individual application (the 
problem: the OOo Java interface does not list the OOo event listeners to 
implement java.utils.EventListener, so the introspection does not figure 
out the OOo events). OOo will get changed such that introspection (hence 
BSF) will be able to detect the OOo event listeners (which is necessary 
for creating the BSF event listeners on the fly with the correct 
signatures). I leave the diffs in, such that interested people could 
pull them off, if a need arises for them to support OOo.



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