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From Charlie Consumer <faceless1...@yahoo.com>
Subject Questions about BSF in Server Side Scripting
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 23:20:08 GMT

I'm trying to integrate BSF into a server side
application.  The documentation of BSF doesn't discuss
some important questions with regards to server side
scripting.  I wanted to use one BSFManager for the
entire application.  I have a couple of questions:

1)  Is BSFManager thread safe?  Are there any rules
the BSFEngines have to adhere to with regards to the
thread model?  Do seperate threads get seperate stack
frames or seperate global variable declarations?

2)  What is the type of the argument for the "Object
script" in BSFManager.exec()?  I've seen code using a
String, but what else can it be?  Can it be a file? 
Why is it of type of Object?

3)  What happens if two threads run the following code
at the same time?

   String language = manager.getLangFromFilename(
scriptFile.getName() );
   manager.declareBean( "request", request,
request.getClass() );
   manager.declareBean( "response", response,
response.getClass() );
   manager.exec( language, scriptFile.getPath(), 0, 0,
script );

Will calling declareBean() result in two different
instance variables, or will they overwrite each other?

4)  Calling exec() twice retains state from the
previous run.  

   BSFManager.exec( "jython", "", 0, 0, "i = 3" );
   BSFManager.exec( "jython", "", 0, 0, "print i" );

That will print out 3.  In a server application you
don't really want retention of state since it could
result in unpredictable behavior.  Are exec() and
eval() the same?  The exec() method I expect to simply
fire off a script and not retain state between calls
or threads, but eval() I expect should retain state. 
Sort of like interactive programs would use eval(),
but users who want to run a script and retain no state
could use exec().


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