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From Igor Bukanov <i...@fastmail.fm>
Subject Re: re-organizing the BSF source tree
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 07:58:35 GMT
Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
>> Oh, one more thing pops to mind... use of scripting languages from the 
>> Java environment of JSP is rather unnatural.  Passing script variables 
>> back and forth between java and the scripting language environment is 
>> messy and needs some hacks to jasper. Chuck or Victor should be able 
>> to provide more detail. 
> a) ad "usage of scripting languages in the context of JSP is rather 
> unnatural": why *unnatural*, for God's sake? I see the contrary to be 
> true, opening up JSPs to solving problems in non-Java languages as well, 
> *if* fitting. As important as Java is, there are applications/problems 
> where non-Java-languages may be preferable, e.g. from scripting to 
> interpreting dynamically created statements.
> [BTW, Microsoft allows to use *any* scripting language for their ASP, 
> ie. the JSP counterpart on Windows: they support any WSH-scripting 
> language out of the box.]

Could not resist to put few words. I think it is better to let each
scripting language to connect to JSP directly without intermediate layer
of BSF. The issue here is not a performance (I doubt that BSF layer has
any significant impact here) but simplicity and convenience of direct
plugin implementation over using BSF as super-plugin that comes with own
plugin children.

After spending few years to implement all MSIE quirks and extensions for
JavaScript and DOM in a pure Java browser while keeping an option to use
Jython on web pages I think any intermediate library will either harm a
particular language power or lead to extremely complex and
unmaintainable library.

Microsoft tried to allow to use VBScript in HTML and keep things
compatible with Netscape DOM bindings for JavaScript and the end result
is the complete and final mess in DOM scripting in MSIE that I suspect
nobody understand. Server side ASP is not better. Yes, you can write ASP
in JavaScript or Perl, but often you end up with terrible hacks just to
subvert ASP VBScript-based conventions into a particular language.

Similarly Python and JavaScript are just too different to have a simple
library that covers everything.

Regards, Igor

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