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From "Jiger Patel" <jiger_...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Strange Classpath issue.
Date Sat, 31 May 2003 05:16:24 GMT
Hi Igor,
>Did you install JavaScript js.jar into lib/ext dir in the jdk
>distribution? If so, you should add it to your classpath as well.

Well I have not put any js.jar in the lib/ext. Actually I am writting this 
plugin for an Open source IDE that provides scripting support for various 
scripting engines using BSF. So the plugin jar, the bsf.jar and the 
languages jar files are in the IDE's jars directory. Now when the IDE starts 
up, it adds ALL the jar inside the "jars" directory to its CL. Thus a plugin 
can access any jar if it is in the "jars" directory. But javascript and 
jython are the two languages that are reciprocal of each other. One loads 
fine if I don't touch the classpath(sys property java.class.path) or the 
IDE's ClassLoader the other (jython) does not recognise the current CL but 
only recog. classes either directly added to it via 
sys.packageManager.addJar() method. so what I have temporarily done is load 
nothing if language is other than Jython. And if the user selects Jython in 
the dropdown, then I call the Jython hack class which would add ALL the jar 
inside the "jars" directory to sys.packageManager. Now the funniest part is 
that sometimes, no matter what, everything works perfectly fine using the 
above method, but sometimes(if I figure out the steps then wud let you know 
too but right now it is abrupt) Javascript behaves funny and gives me 
NoClassDefFound:org/mozilla/javascript/NativeScript. This is really 
un-intutive and I hope the BSF engine for Javascript is updated for the 
latest rhino specs(I think it is Rhino 1.5R4.1). THe newer version complains 
about some Debugger class not found. So I am using sometimes-workable rhino 
1.5R3 which is giving me this strange behaviour.

Any tips.


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