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From Igor Bukanov <i...@icesoft.no>
Subject Re: Fwd: MODERATE for bsf-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:16:51 GMT
Victor J. Orlikowski wrote:
 > I was able to get part way
> through adapting the current Rhino engine to the 1.5r4 API with
> this patch. However, significant changes need to be made against
> RhinoContextProxy and JsContextStub to make it compile.
> Furthermore, I will heartily agree that the current implementation
> does not quite map onto the new Rhino API.
> I would be curious to see if you have done any more work on this.

With the patch I was able to rebuild BSF OK, but I can try to do it one 
more time.

> That said, work probably should not progress, until 1) Rhino's
> debug API settles down - 1.5r3 is still (supposedly) the current
> release, and 2) BSF's debug API/architecture is a bit better
> hashed out - the current bit is based very closely on Rhino.

The new API is a part of Rhino 1.5R4, which was released on 2003-02-12. 
The main difference is that now Rhino does not checks for breakpoints 
itself, instead it asks the debugger if it wants to monitor execution a 
particular function or not and if yes, the debugger will get control on 
each script line. Then debugger can check for breakpoints, for example, 
via itself via a bit array. In this way it is very easy to monitor 
execution of generated scripts or scripts loaded before the debugger was 
attached to Rhino.

Regards, Igor

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