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From "Rony G. Flatscher" <Rony.Flatsc...@wu-wien.ac.at>
Subject Re: BSF Jakarta-Taglib
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:39:48 GMT
Hi there,

I am an engine developer for the Rexx and Object Rexx engine and have 
the control over the license (LGPL at the moment). I would very much 
like to have the Rexx support included into the standard distribution 
using the open sourced Rexx interpreter named "Regina" which is 
available for practically all operating systems (from AIX, Linux, via 
Macintosh, OS/2, Solaris, Symbian to Windows et.al.).  AFAIK, one can 
get the Regina into a rollout-package, such that you could distribute 
taglib examples with Rexx. Here I can offer to conact the maintainer of 
Regina to ask him to adjust Regina (license and whatever else you tell 
me) accordingly. He and I would be more than happy in making Rexx 
available to the Apache community and the BSF-customers.

Personally, I am a big fan of Object Rexx which is available for free 
for Linux and OS/2 and costs money for AIX and Windows (a Solaris 
version is put into beta by IBM, which authors Object Rexx). On Windows 
Object Rexx is crafted to be WSH-engine (a Windows Scripting Host 
engine) allowing it to be employed within Internet Explorer (likie 
VBScript and JScript), IIS and wshell, as well for using 
OLE/ActiveX-automation. So the support for Object Rexx should also be 
included, if possible.


There are two main issues (besides working almost five jobs at the 
moment running low on time-budgets for the next weeks) for me to be 

- which license (URL) would you like me to place on bsf4rexx and the 
samples (is there an URL explaining what to do?),

- clarify how the engines can be called, ie. would Java objects passed 
to the engines have to be registered by the bsf-engine or by the calling 
Java-program, which then would pass the string of the index in the 
registry to address the object? If the latter is not true, I'd need a 
weekend to cater for that behaviour.

There are some issues which I sure hope can be discussed and resolved in 
this list, but for them I will use separate mails.



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