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From dbros...@qis.net
Subject Re: Any plans for a new official release?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:50:49 GMT
Quoting Ev Jordan <ev.jordan@lattix.com>:

> BCEL folks,
> Are there any specific plans (or just some general thoughts) for an
> 'official' bcel release that support the 1.5 classfile additions? 

No. There should be. The question is should we release a patch version, or a 1.5
full support version. There's a bunch of stuff that will break GUMP, so I
haven't been adding those things, at present. My Vote would be to make a
protocol breaking release, that had 1.5 full support.

> I know that changes have been made to the head of the tree to support things
> like annotations, but what I don't know is the level of complete-ness or
> stability for those enhancements.

Actually, the annotation support is all commented out at present, as it would
break compatibility. And no it is not complete. the "Gen" side has yet to be
done, as well as a good bit of testing on the visitor side. I plan on flushing
out the visitor parts this weekend, then perhaps the gen stuff next.

> Has anyone out there utilized a development build created after the changes
> for 1.5 were complete?  Have you been able to go "into production" with that
> build?  

The current build works fine with current projects.

> And with that last in mind, if my application did not care about annotations
> (currently), what version(s) of BCEL would work on a 1.5 generated
> classfile?

The current svn version should still work with your application.

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