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From "Johan Kumps" <johan.ku...@pandora.be>
Subject RE: JavaClassFileOutputException: Stack underflow - FIXED
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 20:11:02 GMT
Hi all,

I fixed my problem.

This is my code transforming an existing constructor :

InstructionList originalIl = mg.getInstructionList();
InstructionHandle instructionHandle[] = originalIl.getInstructionHandles();
InstructionList newIl = new InstructionList();                                           

newIl.append(factory.createInvoke("MySingleton", "getInstance", new ObjectType("MySingleton"),
newIl.append(InstructionFactory.createLoad(Type.OBJECT, 0));
newIl.append(factory.createInvoke("java.lang.Object", "getClass", new ObjectType("java.lang.Class"),
newIl.append(factory.createInvoke("java.lang.Class", "getName", Type.STRING, Type.NO_ARGS,
newIl.append(factory.createInvoke("MySingleton", "myMethod", Type.VOID, new Type[] { Type.STRING,
new ObjectType("MyObject") }, Constants.INVOKEVIRTUAL));
// First let the super or other constructor be called!!!!!
for (int i = 1; i < instructionHandle.length; i++){
    if (instructionHandle[i].getInstruction() instanceof INVOKESPECIAL){
        originalIl.append(instructionHandle[i], newIl);

The important part is the for loop. Looping through the original instruction list until all
constructors are called. Afterwards the instructions of the newIL variable containing the
new code are appended.

This is because the JVM spec states all constructor call's should be done before other statements
are executed in a constructor.

I hope my solution can help others. If you know a better solution please let us know.

Kind regards,

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Johan Kumps [mailto:johan.kumps@pandora.be]
Verzonden: donderdag 15 juli 2004 13:26
Aan: bcel-user@jakarta.apache.org
Onderwerp: JavaClassFileOutputException: Stack underflow

Hi all,

I'm trying to insert some code in the constructor of certain classes. The code should be getting
the current singleton instance of a class 'MySingleton' and call a method 'myMethod' on this
instance. My code is as follows :

InstructionList il = mg.getInstructionList();         
il.insert(factory.createInvoke("MySingleTon", "getInstance", new ObjectType("MySingleton"),
il.insert(InstructionFactory.createLoad(Type.OBJECT, 0));
il.insert(factory.createInvoke("java.lang.Object", "getClass", new ObjectType("java.lang.Class"),
il.insert(factory.createInvoke("java.lang.Class", "getName", Type.STRING, Type.NO_ARGS, Constants.INVOKEVIRTUAL));
il.insert(factory.createInvoke("MySingleton", "myMethod", Type.VOID, new Type[] { Type.STRING,
new ObjectType("MyObject") }, Constants.INVOKEVIRTUAL));

When I decompile the patched class the method to which I inserted the code has dissapeared
and the following line is added in place :

// JavaClassFileOutputException: Stack underflow

Does anybody has an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Can you provide me a code sample doing something
like I want to achieve?

Kind regards,


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