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From   <...@thingfind.com>
Subject Replacing Methods From Different Classes
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 23:26:38 GMT
I am trying to replace a method binding from one class with another method in another class.
 I haven't quite gotten this to work and any help would be appreciated.  Consider the example

public class A {

    public class X {
        public X() { 
            m();      //can this be changed?
        public void m() {

    public static void main (String args []) {
    A a = new A();
    X x = a.new X();

public class B extends A {

    public class X {
        public void m() {

I am wondering if it is possible to change A.X.m() to reference B.X.m().  I know the use of
inner classes here is not essential, and the fact that B extends A would make the need for
overriding A.X.m() in A seemingly absurd.  This is more of a test to see if methods can be
replaced in odd contexts.  My real goal is much larger.

I have used BCELifier to create some files and I tried to edit them to reflect the desired
change, but got stuck on VerifiyErrors.  I'm not sure exactly what needs to be updated.  Also,
I thought ClassGen.replaceMethod would work, but found a few errors.  Can anyone provide some

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