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From "Eric Chow" <ec...@macaucabletv.com>
Subject Urgent , BCEL beginner questions ???
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 07:49:33 GMT

I am going to use BCEL to do some education project.
But I have so many problems and questions if I should use BCEL or other

1. retrieve all the variable names and its corresponding values (global
variables, and local variables) ?
2. can I add a method with some source expression ??
    for example,

    clazzGen.addMethod(" int a = 10; System.out.println(a); "); // something
like this, Javassist provides this ....

3. can I insert a statement into a specific line within a method?
     for example,

     public void init() {
        int a = 10;
                    // <<<<<<< insert a statement here :    a = a * a;

4. can I modify a specific statement ?
     for example,

     public void init(int x) {
        return x;     //<<<<<<<  modify it to:    return (x * 2);

Would you please to show me some example about the above questions ???
Please give me a hand !!! It's very urgent for me...
Thanks a lot.

Best regadrs,

If you know what you are doing,
it is not called RESEARCH!

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