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From Daniel Schregenberger <np...@gmx.net>
Subject RE: Modification of java.lang.Object
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 22:54:43 GMT
On Mit, 2004-05-12 at 02:26, Kevin Myers wrote:
> I also needed to modify java.lang.Object for a class project. However as you
> have noted there are numerous problems when one encounters doing so. As an
> alternative I tried to modify java.lang.Object manually and update it using
> the -xbootpath options. However no matter how much I tried I could not get
> the JVM to load my modified version (and it does not provide appopriate

Just what I did here...the VM crashes whenever I add a field. Methods
are ok.

> diagnostic messages to fix it). During my search I found something much
> worse.... Modifying java.lang.Object (or any other file in rt.jar) is
> against the EULA that you most likely agreed to when you downloaded your
> JVM.

Hmmm...right...didn't think of that yet...that's bad...

> We are attempting an alternative now (and it is still in development, ill
> let you know how it comes out later if you wish).. Instead of modifying
> Object (or any other class in rt.jar) we redirect all reference to Object to
> a new class wrapped.java.lang.Object (wrapped.<oldclassname>) that is
> statically compiled and adds what we need.
> I hope this approach can suit your needs.

Thanks for the tip, I'll definately think about it.

-- Daniel

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