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From Daniel Schregenberger <np...@gmx.net>
Subject Modification of java.lang.Object
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 20:07:04 GMT

I have to modify java.lang.Object for a university project and ran into
several troubles:

First the Class Construction Kit failed to do it, because it insisted in
writing java.lang.Object as Super Class, this resulted in a circular
dependency of course.
(btw: Several other tools failed the same way.)
I then found out about Jasmin, decompiled the class file, made my
changes there and compiled it again. After modifying Jasmin to write
NULL for the Super Class this works.

The problem I'm stuck with now is:
I can't add any new fields. Even a simple Integer causes the VM (I'm
bound to the original one by SUN) to crash with a NullPointerException
or even a Segfault in a native library.
Functions work. Both, functions and fields also work for other classes
(like java.lang.String).
It seems java.lang.Object is coupled too tight with the VM...

Has anyone any experience with this or nows of any project that did
something similar? Or can confirm that it's not possible without
touching the VM?
The (al)mighty googlebot didn't help me for once. :(

Thanks for any help!

-- Daniel

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