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From Laurent Martelli <laur...@aopsys.com>
Subject Re: Dynamically instrumenting core java classes
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 22:29:07 GMT
>>>>> "Abel" == Abel Wang <abelw@nvisionsoftware.net> writes:

  Abel> Hi guys, I'm trying to do some preprocessor instrumentation on
  Abel> some core java classes and am running into problems.  What
  Abel> I've done so far is modify java.lang.Classloader to instrument
  Abel> my classes.  Works like a charm on anything non core.  So my
  Abel> question to you guys is how are you doing preprocessor
  Abel> instrumentation?  And how can I instrument core classes?

I think you can't. Unless you use hotswap.

Laurent Martelli
laurent@aopsys.com                                Java Aspect Components
http://www.aopsys.com/                          http://jac.objectweb.org

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