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From dweim...@students.cs.uu.nl
Subject Thread-safe classloader
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 10:24:51 GMT
I am currently working on a this software that uses a modified JavaWrapper
and a custom classloader (say MyBCELLoader) that inherits from
org.apache.bcel.ClassLoader. This works fine and instruments the classes

So at this point I have the instrumented classes running in the
MyBCELLoader@0001 namespace (@0001 to identify the object), but now
added an extra thread in the same namespace and to do some work (load
and thus also instrument some classes while the main thread that invoked
the main of the wrapped 'main' is already running) , but since since it is
in the same namespace it will use the same MyBCELLoader to load and
instruments classes it runs into which is desired, but this implies that
MyBCELLoader has to be thread-safe. According to the faq it is not and it
refers to some book i don't have, so my question is: anyone has experience
with similar issues with inheriting from org.apache.CLassLoader and/or has
anyone wrote such a thread-safe wrapper for bcel?

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