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From Thomas Hawtin <thaw...@tackline.demon.co.uk>
Subject Re: earliest JDK required, and performance
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 01:02:35 GMT
David Seidman wrote:
> 2) What has been your performance experience with
> BCEL?  Is it appropriate in a dynamic environment? 
> The folks at ASM wrote a paper in November 2002, "ASM:
> A Code Manipulation Tool to Implement Adaptable
> Systems", which claims that BCEL had a 700% overhead
> in their benchmark, compared to 60% for ASM.

I have not done any benchmarking, however:

BCEL does create a lot of InstructionHandles - InstructionList.append 
returns one for each instruction added. BCEL attempts handle pooling, 
but that is probably counter-productive on modern JVMs.

OTOH you probably aren't going to be generating classes continuously. 
There is also the overhead of loading and compiling the class to take 
into account. So it's not something to particularly worry about. I would 
tend to do what ever is easiest to code, and then test whether the 
performance is adequate.

Tom Hawtin

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