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From j...@cse.unsw.edu.au (Jonathon Tidswell)
Subject help with structural analysis
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 05:42:33 GMT

I'd like to do some simple stack size/usage analysis.

It seemed to me that I should be able to hook into the pass3b verifier
and after the circulation pump walk the instruction list examining the
frames and comparing that to the requirements of the instruction whose
frame Im examining.

With multiple paths its quite possible to have multiple frames, so I'd
happily take the frame with the largest stack.

At the moment Ive been playing with modifying code in JustIce to allow
me to examine it interactively, but in the long run I'd like to have a
batch program I can run over lots of classes.

I have three questions:
 1) has someone done something similar before ?
 2) should I be using pass3b verifier as a base ?
 3) if not does anybody have suggestions how to organise it

 4) what have I missed ?

- JonT

PS Ive already run a purely static analysis (assume stack is maxed for
all instructions) which has confirmed my hypothesis is basically true,
however I suspect a dynamic analysis will remove a few false negatives.

Jon Tidswell                                            <jont@cse.unsw.edu.au>
School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of NSW, 2052, Australia
Disclaimer: I think my thoughts are my own, and I believe my writings are too.

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