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From Jeff Martin <jmar...@silacom.com>
Subject Big Change
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 00:17:35 GMT
I've just check in the files that I've been working on to move towards 
the new workspace definition. This means that from now on Alexandria 
WILL NOT WORK with older versions of the definitions files.

The workspace is now like this -> 


with the project and repositories seperated out into seperate files. The 
new workspace.xml is more an example than for any other use and 
alexandria still look by default for a file called global.xml, but you 
will need to migrate any current global.xml files to the new structure.

To make life easier I've created a XSLT called migrate0.2.xml which will 
convert any existing files to the new format (Hopefully without any need 
for manual changes)

I would suggest that if anyone is worried about current definitions 
breaking that they not check out code from CVS for a while just incase 
there are any issues floating around.

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