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From robert c nix <org.apache.alexand...@rnix.com>
Subject JXR
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 03:04:23 GMT
Hi all,

Love the idea. I recommended a similar idea to several of my higher-ups 
many moons ago and they scoffed.

I'm particularly intrigued by JXR. I worked on a xref/summarization tool 
last year and am quite interested in the capabilities of JXR. I'm just 
beginning to look at the code so please forgive my ignorance.

Given that this tool must potentially xref many thousands (or millions) 
of files, I'm curious how you manage the symbol references without 
retaining it all in memory? This was one of the issues I faced while 
building my tool. I ended up creating what amounts to a symbol table of 
references represented with XML. Besides just being able to run the xref 
on different files at different times another benefit is that usage 
information is neatly contained in a single XML file per source file. 
Oh, and don't have to build the viewable xref'd html until requested at 
which point i'd merge the XML and the original source into html (never 
finished this).

Also, it seems the parsing isn't being performed by a parser generated 
by a parser-generater (e.g. antlr or jtb/javacc). Any reason? Just 

And, is there room/need for one more developer?


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