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From "Erik Hatcher" <li...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject Gump inner workings
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 20:05:48 GMT
bootstrapping into the middle of an off-line conversation with Sam.....

> Try "first".  The dependencies that gump knows about will be used.  The
> others will be resolved as they previously were.

Ok, I'll do that when migrating.... then eventually turn it to "only" I

> > For some of those dependencies its more than just a JAR that I
> > need....Struts, for example.  I need the TLD files and DTD's too.  Each
> > dependency also has a ${struts.dir} property too that is used for the
> > of where its installed.
> >
> > How can I tell Gump to set my project build to have a different
> struts.dir
> >property?
> With a <property> element.
> http://jakarta.apache.org/gump/ant.html

D'uh... RTFM.  Thanks much.  I've stared at that page before but it didn't
register to me.

I gotta say - Gump is very well done.  All the pieces are there for what I
need so far, and the only problems I have had have been learning curve
issues.  I will keep fiddling with it and certainly posting back here with
more questions and perhaps even some enhancements when I find something I
need that it doesn't do.

> - Sam Ruby
> P.S.  Why don't we take this to alexandria-dev where everyone can
> participate and/or benefit?

Ok!  Done!


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