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From Jeff Martin <jmar...@silacom.com>
Subject RE: Dead code
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:22:56 GMT
I've been trying to do clean room checkouts of code every so often so the -P
thing is not the issue. It's more down to my reluctance to through stuff out
until I know that the stuff I'm replacing it works and is not being used by
anything else.

Whilst I'm here, do you know anything about the move of projects from
java.apache.org to jakarta.apache.org

Oh and do you know how we can get the reply address for this mailing list
fixed ;0)

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Jeff Martin <jmartin@silacom.com> writes:

> I've just checked in a new build file which replaces the one within the
> build dir. As far as I can tell this means there are several dead/dieing
> directories around:
> 	content - moved to src
> 	build   - replaced by new build file
> 	scripts - only Alexandria script now used

did you do a 'cvs update -d -P'... -P is important because it prunes extra

> Is it okay if I remove content and build from cvs also I've like to move
> Alexandria script to src/bin. My intention is to change the build so it
> builds to a new build dir which contains the following:
> 	build/bin/alexandria
>                 Alexandria.jar
>             etc/AlexandriaResource.properties
>                /global.xml
>             xsl/build.build.xsl
>                 ....
>             lib/[required libs]
>             tmp/[generate xsl etc.]
> The idea is to make Alexandria more obvious to use if you don't want to go
> anywhere near the src dir.

ah... yeah.. +1.

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