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From Karsten Priegnitz <k...@petoria.de>
Subject Jackrabbit: best way to make my own webapp + webdav
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2015 08:19:22 GMT

I need to code a JCR webapp with webdav. I'm a little confused, because 
I think there might be many approaches - but I don't know beforehand 
which will work, and which will be better / less work than the others.

And one thing that is important is that I need to provide my own 
extended AccessManager (which must also be used by the webdav 
component): Only the lockOwner (and admins/system) is allowed to unlock 
a node, no matter if in the same session or later.

  - use jackrabbit-webapp code as a base (merge new versions of the 
jackrabbit-webapp into it)
  - start from scratch and use jackrabbit-webdav.jar as a lib and use 
some code from jackrabbit-webapp for providing webdav servlets
  - use jackrabbit-webapp as a server component (Deployment Model 1, but 
can I plant my AccessManager on it then?)

Hope to get some insights

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