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From Oren Zamir <oren.za...@pb.com>
Subject RE: SessionImporter.java bug?
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 19:17:14 GMT

Bumping this thread.

I haven't heard anything and thought that maybe the details provided weren't clear.

The java source file in question is org\apache\jackrabbit\core\xml\SessionImporter.java and
the section that referred to starts at line 377 (for version - 2.6.3)

Hope to hear something soon.

Previous email ....

While trying to do an importXML for a sub node that is of a type nt:folder we were getting
exceptions  - "javax.jcr.ItemExistsException: Node with the same UUID exists"

However, the node has no Id and the existing node does have an id. Further investigation pointed
us to the following block of code -

if (!(existing.getId().equals(id)
                            && (uuidBehavior == ImportUUIDBehavior.IMPORT_UUID_COLLISION_REMOVE_EXISTING
                            || uuidBehavior == ImportUUIDBehavior.IMPORT_UUID_COLLISION_REPLACE_EXISTING)))
                        throw new ItemExistsException(
                                "Node with the same UUID exists:" + existing);

Even with the uuidBehavior set to any enum it will throw an exception when the id = null (from
the imported xml).

Is this a bug?




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