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From "David G." <davidjgonza...@gmail.com>
Subject [Oak] Explain query command explanation
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 02:25:51 GMT
Can someone clarify how to interpret the results of an EXPLAIN query
command in Oak?

My understanding is there are 3 variations. Any pointers on other info that
can be deduced from the plans would be appreciated as well.

*Property*; denoted by "/* property" - This means the query will execute
against a property or ordered index.

Example: [nt:unstructured] as [a] /* property jcr:title where
([a].[jcr:content/jcr:title] is not null) and (isdescendantnode([a],
[/content])) */

*Traversal*; denoted by "/* traverse" - This means the query will traverse
the tree to execute

Example: [nt:unstructured] as [a] /* traverse jcr:title where
([a].[jcr:content/jcr:title] is not null) and (isdescendantnode([a],
[/content])) */

*Filter*; denoted by "/* Filter(" - Not sure what this means...

[slingevent:TimedEvent] as [a] /* Filter(query=explain select [jcr:path],
[jcr:score], * from [slingevent:TimedEvent] as a where [slingevent:created]
< cast('2014-06-03T09:58:41.069-04:00' as date) order by
[slingevent:created] /* xpath:
//element(*,slingevent:TimedEvent)[@slingevent:created <
xs:dateTime('2014-06-03T09:58:41.069-04:00')] order by @slingevent:created
ascending */, path=*,
property=[slingevent:created=..2014-06-03T09:58:41.069-04:00)]) where
[a].[slingevent:created] < cast('2014-06-03T09:58:41.069-04:00' as date) */

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