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From Julian Reschke <julian.resc...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Accessing the version history of a deleted node
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 20:37:42 GMT
On 2014-01-15 20:45, Michael Wechner wrote:
> Hi
> I have reading
> http://www.day.com/specs/jcr/2.0/15_Versioning.html
> but it's not really clear to me whether it is possible to access the
> version history of a deleted node?
> Let's say I am creating a node at
> /foo/bar/hello-world.txt
> and edit the content associated with this node several times and hence
> create a version history.
> At some point I am deleting this node. Is this the reason why the
> following API exists:
> VersionHistory VersionManager.getVersionHistory(String absPath)

1) Whether the version information survives the deletion of the node 
depends on the implementation. I believe it does in Jackrabbit.

2) To *access* it, you'll need to have the identifier or the path of the 
version history.

Best regards, Julian

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