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From Datenheld <Datenh...@gmx.de>
Subject getRootNode() of Workspace
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2013 15:42:39 GMT

I've been using Jackrabbit in a tomcat setup for several days and now I 
have a few questions. It'd be really kind if anyone would answer those 
questions because I am stuck (especially on the first question) and it 
is mission critical for me.

As stated before, I use Jackrabbit on Tomcat6 via Davex from a Java 
Swing-Client. Everything works nicely, but I need two different workspaces.

1.) RootNode of workspace
Whenever I do not use the default workspace, which means I specify an 
endpoint of a workspace when I connect to the Repository via JcrUtil, it 
logs me in, but getRootNode() always throws an exception:

Unable to retrieve NodeInfo for 

As you can see, workspaceName appears then twice in the path, which is 
wrong. When I omit the workspace for the connection, it works, but I 
will just have access to the default workspace and nothing else.

My question here is:
Is this a bug? How can I use a workspace and get its root node in java? 
I've tried some variations and many, many things, but all have failed. I 
also fail to see anything in the API that lets me choose a workspace 
(rather than getCorrespondingNodePath, which doesn't work because I am 
not authenticated against the workspace that I want to access then).

2.) Excerpt via Davex
Is there currently any way to get an excerpt of node contents via davex? 
I have tried many things in vain. I know there's an open bug for it, but 
maybe someone has got a solution.

Hope you can help me.

Best regards,

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