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From Christoph Läubrich <lae...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: using the webDAV component
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 10:15:35 GMT
Hi Julian,

I just can tell my experience. I'm using Apache SVN Webdav module and 
that is working with linux, windows and "standard" Webbrowsers. So I can 
assume tha there ARE ways of handling this compfortable and reliable for 
users that don't care if they are using the "right" client. I evaluated 
JR exactly for that purpose: Giving access to a Datastore via Webbrowser 
and/or system integrated methods without need for special software.

 > And when you say "Webbrowser" -- what does this have to do with WebDAV?

WebDav is an extension to HTTP. Webbrowsers can talsk http. And at least 
the Apache SVN Webdav module can be used with simple browsers to
  a) Browse a directory tree
  b) Download (the latest revision) of a file

And with JR Webdav this is also possible to browse the repro (of course 
as with the SVN webdav it is not possible to use ALL features through 
simple http GET), even if I don't know that this is REQUIRED and/or 
COVERED by the WebDav spec. But IMO thats something most ppl assume.

As the original author of the discussion I'd love to see an working 
WebDav example, but the common answer is: Try Sling, and even with that 
it (as described) din't work that smooth that I would recommend this 
over RMI (what worked for browsing the repro out-of-the-box).

Again don't take this as an offence or statement that it is not working 
at all! Just some impressions I got when I tried this latetely.

BTW: In the end I'm using this project 
(http://webdav-servlet.sourceforge.net/) for presenting relevant content 
as WebDav and it worked at least with the mentioned defaultclients of 

regards Christoph

Am 16.10.2013 09:19, schrieb Julian Reschke:
> On 2013-10-15 15:50, Christoph Läubrich wrote:
>> > "stable" and "working with every client" are two very different 
>> things.
>> You are right, sorry for using inadequate wording :-)
>> > Out of curiosity: what was the problem that  you encountered?
>> I wasn't able to mount the WebDav neither under Linux nor Windows
>> releiable (while "other" WebDavs like Apache worked) sometimes it worked
>> for one of them (I think I finally got it working under Windows using
>> Sling, but not JackRabbit Standalone) , in a Webbrowser it worked but
>> all file nodes where not accessible as files (there was a posting in the
>> newsgroup as well).
> Well, it can be a problem of the client; I recall that the Windows 
> WebDAV driver makes incorrect assumptions about servers, and there's 
> little Jackrabbit can do about that 
> (<http://www.greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/webdav-redirector-list.html#issue-server-discovery>).

> And when you say "Webbrowser" -- what does this have to do with WebDAV?
> Best regards, Julian

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