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From Chris Poulsen <chris.poul...@dezide.com>
Subject Trouble with transactions and event listeners being triggered too early
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 10:17:04 GMT

I'm trying to get jackrabbit v2.4.4 and JPA 1.0 to work together in 
transactional context.

I think I have managed to get things running correctly, but I'm seeing 
that my event listeners are triggered prior to transaction demarcation.

If I understand the jcr spec./javadoc correctly the event listeners 
should not be triggered until changes are persisted (which should happen 
on transaction commit in JTA environment)

But I'm seeing my listeners being notified before the transaction 
completes, but as far as i can see my jcr session is enrolled in the 
active transaction.

Is my understanding of how listeners / transactions work together not 
correct? or can anyone offer some insights to get this working correctly?

Best regards

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