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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: LdapLoginModule
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2013 14:37:16 GMT
hi günther

what kind of jackrabbit setup are you using?
the current default setup in jackrabbit core has a
WorkspaceAccessManager that only grants access to a given
workspace if the 'user' is exposed by the configured user
mgt which might not be the case if you use LDAP for authentication.

at least that could explain the exception.
if that turns out to be the root cause, you can explicitly
configure the WorkspaceAccessManager to an implementat that
fits your need and doesn't expect the user to be present in
the repo... to test you could use the dummy Simple* implementation
that just omits the check for workspace access.


On 7/4/13 2:59 PM, Günther Schmidt wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> is there a simple sample that demonstrates the use of the LdapLoginModule?
> Authentication per se via the LdapLoginModule works, ie I get a "can't
> bind" error when the username/password do not exist in the LDAP server
> and a "workspace access denied" when the user exists.
> So I'm halfway there.
> But as far as accessing the workspace I'm stuck.
> Günther

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