I am using jackrabbit version 2.4.3 with versioning.
Please find attached my repository.xml.
I am using MySqlPersistenceManager.
I have 2 hosts ( each with its own clusterId) sharing the same workspace in the repository.

I have seen some issues when versioning is enabled.
For the interim, we had to turn off versioning from our code. i.e. We dont have checkIn, checkout on the new nodes changes anymore.
But now I get versioning related exceptions on the nodes which were already versioned when versioning was on.

2013-04-11 23:59:00,574 [org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.SchedulerFactoryBean#0_Worker-11] INFO  com.yahoo.ycp.repository.FeedHandler  - In saveLocalCopyOfConvergeFeedStatus, Exception on fetching feed e80fddb78c4a452aa4e8bd6c8bdadf9c : javax.jcr.version.VersionException: Unable to perform operation. Node is checked-in.

How can I resolve these exceptions for the nodes that got versioned , now that my code has versioning turned off?