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From Luke Noel-Storr <luke.noel-st...@integrate.co.uk>
Subject Oracle 9i
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 09:34:16 GMT
Hi, we are trying to get Jackrabbit working with Oracle 9i, and have hit a few snags.

They're around the area of BLOBs, so I'm wondering if it's because we're using the wrong persistence
manager, etc.

We're currently using the OraclePersistenceManager, OracleFileStore, OracleDatabaseJournal
and DbDataStore.

I'm aware there are Oracle9 versions of the first two of these, however, the API docs say:

"provides support for Oracle jdbc drivers prior to version 10 which require special handling
of BLOB data"

As we are using the Oracle 11 jdbc driver (which is purportedly backwards compatible with
Oracle 9i), my interpretation of the above was that we would not need to use the Oracle 9
classes from Jackrabbit.  They would seem to be driver specific, rather than database specific.

Is this just a case of misleading documentation, however?

There is then also, slightly confusingly, an Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper which says:

"The connection helper for Oracle databases of version up to 10.1. It has special blob handling."

Which would seem to imply that class is database version specific, rather than driver version
specific.  This class is used by the Oracle9 classes.

So, basically, my question is, if I'm using Oracle 11 jdbc drivers, with Oracle 9i database,
which should I use the vanilla Oracle classes or the Oracle9 classes?

Also, if I should be using the Oracle9 classes, what settings should I use for the DbDataStore?
 I can't find any documentation about what valid "databaseType" strings can be used.  Do I
just use "oracle" or should I use "oracle9" or "oracle10r1"?  I'm assuming it would need to
know to use the Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper, but I can't see where in the source code it figures
out to do that.

Also, what about the Journal? There only seems to be a OracleDatabaseJournal class, and no

Many Thanks,

Luke Noel-Storr.

Integrated Publishing Solutions Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)1926 889199

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