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From David Buchmann <da...@liip.ch>
Subject Re: Trying to understand and use version cascade
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 12:51:27 GMT

@all: would be great if some jackrabbit users could help us to
understand how things are supposed to work with jackrabbit.

@lars: for the question about userland cascading the versioning. i did
not hear of anybody doing that. it would be sad if we can't use the
content repository, but you might want to ask on the symfony-cmf-devs
list about this.


Am 05.03.2013 16:49, schrieb Lars Janssen:
> Hi David,
> Thanks for the link. From what I can gather, using just 'version' or
> 'copy' in the CND format implies OnParventVersion=version or copy. I
> *think* I want copy, as it appears to fully cascade the version rather
> than just creating a reference to the parent history.
> However, I'm not sure if I should apply it to specific properties, or to
> children. For example, I'm now using:
> [phpcr:versionCascade] > nt:unstructured
>     - foo_c (String) copy
>     + * copy
> After running the code this PR (but with the above node definition):
> https://github.com/phpcr/phpcr-api-tests/pull/85
> Here is how my repository looks:
> https://gist.github.com/fazy/5091056
> There is evidence of versions of the "foo_c" parameter being captured;
> if you search the Gist for "foo_c" there are different values at
> different version stages. However, I'm not sure how to get to these
> values. I have some test code that just
> calls getVersionHistory('/tests_version_base/versioned/version_child')
> and then loops through the results... unfortunately none of them
> contains a 'foo_c' parameter at all.
> I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience of using cascading
> versions at all (especially if it's an open source project where I can
> see the code).
> Otherwise, as a temporary solution I might need to move the cascade
> logic up into my application. i.e. when versioning a page node, iterate
> through all child nodes and version those too. It means potentially
> duplicating what's already possible in Jackrabbit, but on the other hand
> if my application needs very specific rules (e.g. how to handle a
> 'reference block' if I add that in future), then it might make sense to
> control it there. Again, has anyone tried doing this?

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