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From rfr <ere...@gmail.com>
Subject Strange fulltext search behaviour
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:16:51 GMT

In our application, some nodes have "record numbers" in the form

For exemple:




If I perform a full text search on this values, the search find my nodes.

If i try a search like N/*2032 or M/AK*235, I'm also able to retrieve my nodes.

But for an unknown reason, if I search for L/* or even
L/AMA/000000?00, the system does not find any node and seems to not
even search for something.

The record number is stored in a string property and I'm sure the
nodes are indexed since other queries on the same nodes works for
other search tokens.

It is like the "L/..." format is causing some troubles to the indexer
or the search code.

Any pointers? Can someone test this behaviour to see if it is reproductible?

Thanks a lot!



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