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From Vikram Vaswani <vikram.vasw...@magnolia-cms.com>
Subject Community announcement: Webinar on Connecting PHP Applications with Magnolia CMS through PHPCR
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 07:31:47 GMT
Hi all

I had a brief announcement about a free webinar combining PHP with JCR 
that I wanted to share, that would be of interest to the Jackrabbit 
community. I wasn't sure if it was OK to post this here, I checked the 
mailing list FAQ, but couldn't find an answer. So I'm going ahead and 
posting the announcement here, and I apologize in advance if this is not 
the correct way to do this.

Thank you.


--- announcement begins ---

Webinar: Connect PHP Applications with Magnolia CMS through PHPCR

At first glance, reusing content between PHP and Java applications might 
seem like a difficult task. However, this task is made significantly 
easier by PHPCR, an adaptation of the Java Content Repository (JCR) 
standard which allows PHP developers to access and modify JCR content.

Magnolia CMS is an open source, enterprise-grade Java CMS which uses JCR 
to store all its content, including Web pages, documents and images. 
PHPCR enables PHP developers to create integrated Web applications to 
interact with this content. Common scenarios include using a PHP 
front-end to editing Magnolia CMS page content and page properties.

With PHPCR and the PHP Jackalope implementation, PHP developers can 
interface with Jackrabbit, the JCR implementation in Magnolia CMS and 
can connect their Web applications with Magnolia CMS without any special 
Java training or knowledge.

On 28 Feb 2013, David Buchmann, Software Engineer at Liip AG and one of 
the leaders of the PHPCR project, will present a webinar on connecting 
PHP applications with Magnolia CMS. This free webinar will demonstrate 
real-world examples of accessing and reusing Magnolia CMS JCR content 
through a PHP front-end. This webinar is extremely useful for Java and 
PHP developers of all levels, as well as decision makers interested in 
content portability.

Register now for this webinar at 

--- announcement ends ---

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