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From "Daniel Hobi" <d.h...@gmx.ch>
Subject Re: JVM hangs during startup (indexing)
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 14:35:01 GMT
Hi Jukka

Thanks for having a look at this.

> It looks like the repository is simply busy reindexing (thread 14523
> is executing the createInitialIndex method).

So it is an expected behaviour at the start of jcr that...
1. log messages are periodically (every 1s) showing up:
INFO  o.a.j.core.query.lucene.MultiIndex - indexing... pathto/jcr:content (1500)
INFO  o.a.j.core.query.lucene.MultiIndex - indexing... pathto/jcr:content (1600)

2. Yourkit is able to periodically profile the CPU and memory usage.

...and then suddenly (after about 61100)...
1. no more log output is created
2. yourkit cannot talk to the jvm process anymore (not responding)

> That will take a long time to reindex... Assuming one second per PDF,
> that's roughly twelve days. Normally PDF parsing should be a faster
> than that, but you're still probably looking at at least a few days
> worth of reindexing.
Yes, I thought it would take a while :-) Honestly, this is not the part I am worried about.
It is moreover that I am unable to see if some progress is made.

> Unfortunately the reindexing process currently doesn't run
> concurrently in the background, though there's been some discussion of
> the need to do something like that.
That would be nice to have :-)


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