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From "Furst, Carl" <Carl.Fu...@mlb.com>
Subject Re: Some findings
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 15:21:37 GMT
I found that full text searches don't work even with just using a
transient repository.

Lucine is not indexing full text fields.. Even when you follow the proper
indexing configuration.

I used Luke to analyze Lucine after I had stored a bunch of stuff in
jcr:data nodes and nope҆ not a single word indexed. So searches came up

Carl Furst

On 8/12/12 3:23 AM, "director" <ujjwal_risal@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Dear JackRabbit users,
>I started using JackRabbit just before one and half month. With in this
>period, I think, I found something that is useful for all of us.
>**** Never use RMI to connect to the JackRabbit server. Always get the
>server instance before you do something. I started connecting to
>with the RMI  and it even didn't perform search operation with the xpath
>query.  But the server instance will easily do that.
>Currently I am using JackRabbit in my project and I am facing difficulties
>in user creation. And this user creation part is very important for my
>project. I have done the following things for creating users but some
>Repository repository =
>String username = "admin";
>String password = "admin";
>session = repository.login(new SimpleCredentials(username,
>password.toCharArray()));-----up to this line of code is ok as I can get a
>But when I use the following code  to get a user manager, it shows the
>UserManager um = ((JackrabbitSession)session).getUserManager();
>The error is:
>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException:
>org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.SessionImpl cannot be cast to
>        at jack.Repconfautomatic.<init>(Repconfautomatic.java:88)
>        at jack.Repconfautomatic.main(Repconfautomatic.java:116)
>After getting this error, I printed the class of session that I am
>with the above java program by using the following  code:
>System.out.println(session.getClass()) and this line prints the session's
>To solve this error, I have tried many things. I searched almost all the
>links in the internet but I couldn't get any thing to solve this. Yes,
>are some more posts about the same error but there is no solution. I also
>tried with the Titus Barik's example from ibm.com to get a repository
>instance through jndi but it also has so many problems.
>I am looking forward for any suggestions and ideas to solve this problem.
>Thank you in advance.
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