it’s been several months since my last (unsuccessful) attempt at Jackrabbit clustering. Now that I finally have time to get back to the issue, I’m still not successful. I set up a fresh new repository on server A, with the file system, persistence managers and journal all stored in a local MySQL database. I made sure the database URLs in the repository.xml uses the server’s internal network IP so that the URLs should still be valid when I copy repository.xml to a new node.


I then copied the repository to server B and changed the cluster ID in the copied repository.xml, then added the node entry to the database (as described in the wiki).


Now that both servers are running, I see that changes on one system increase that system’s revision counter in the database and also triggers the corresponding update on the other server (I can see the entry in the log file, and the second server’s revision counter is updated to match the first one). So that part seems right.


Yet when I access either repository via WebDAV, they seem completely independent. All changes made on server A only show up on server A, and changes on B only show up on B. I can create resources with the same name and different content on both systems, and both systems will return their own content. When I repeat the procedure to set up the second cluster node (delete the old repository directory on B, copy over the one from A, change repository.xml to set B’s cluster ID), B will again show exactly the content it had before, without any of the data from A.


It seems both servers manage to store their directory structures in the same database tables independently and read them again without conflicts. As far as I can tell, I followed the wiki guide correctly, so I can’t figure out what’s causing this behaviour.


And hints are appreciated. I’m attaching repository.xml from server A. On B, the file’s content is the same, except for the cluster ID which is changed to “”. (The security section references several custom classes, so don’t try this at home)






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