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From "Furst, Carl" <Carl.Fu...@mlb.com>
Subject jcr sql2 - contains() full text search not working
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 15:19:29 GMT
I'm probably missing something here but everything I've read so far leads
me to believe this should work..

I have nodes in a repositoy of type nt:folder and nt:file. nt:file has a
child node jcr:content of type nt:resource which has a child property
called jcr:data

There are many cases where the jcr:data column has the world 'include' in
it. They are jsp files so, yes, I know this word exists in several files.

So here's the sql I use:

select * from [nt:resource] where  contains([jcr:data], 'include');

Here's the sql that is returned from q.getStatement() :

SELECT [nt:resource].* FROM [nt:resource] WHERE
CONTAINS([nt:resource].[jcr:data], 'include');

Here is a sample text in jcr:data to search on.

<%@ include file="..."

... More jsp here..

Yet it doesn┬╣t find it. I feel I'm missing something.. Do I need to add a
"searchable" mixin or something?

Any ideas why this is not being found?

It used to be that apache had the cdn file for jackrabbit node types was
readily available. Does anyone know where I can find the cdn file for
jackrabbit node types?

jcr:content is unstructured, but I explicitly make the type nt:resource
(otherwise the statement would would not be parsed, Query object would
throw an error, like "table not found," right? Because the type is a
table). So the type is right.. The field is right.. The search is not

I'm using Jackrabbit without any special configuration. Just the war in a
simple tomcat deployment. So it's sitting on top of Derby and Lucine.

Any help would be appreciated.


Carl Furst


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